It is with great sadness that we announce Bare Medicine will be closing on July 31, 2015. It has been an honor to serve the Sanford/Springvale area for almost 6 years as the first naturopathic medical practice in this community. 


For referrals:

For other NDs in Maine, click here.

For other NDs in New Hampshire, click here

For Lyme patients, I recommend Dr. Mulcahy in Kennebunk, Dr. Mulliken in Kennebunk and Dr. Schertell in Portsmouth, NH

If you would like your medical records:

Because I am closing the office and will be relocating out of Maine, you will only have from now until July 31, 2015 to get your records in a timely manner. 

All patients may access their medical records themselves, at no cost (since 2012), by logging into the patient portal at Patient Fusion. If you have forgotten your log-in or need me to reset your log-in information, please call and leave me your name, email address and phone number so that I can reset it for you. 

For instructions on how to download your records, click here (You must have Adobe Reader to open this document, download it here).

All patients have hard copies of any labs we've ever done at Bare Medicine, but if you need another copy, as these are not accessible through Patient Fusion, please make an appointment for a "Refill or Pickup" and write in the comment area that you are requesting additional lab copies. There will be a fee of $25 to make additional copies of labs (more if copies exceed 25 pages). 

If you would like a hard copy or summary of your entire chart, you will need to make a "Refill or Pickup" appointment to pre-pay. There will be a $1 per-page copy fee as well as an hourly rate of $110 for time (based on the size of the chart). A clinical summary (list of all treatments and diagnoses and vital signs) will be $25. Unless your chart is very small, you will not be able to leave the appointment with chart in hand, and I will need a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 90 days to mail your chart to you. Clinical summaries may be available at the time of the appointment if you specify that you are picking up a clinical summary in the "comments" when you make the appointment. Again, if you have been a patient since 2012, you are able to access, download and/or print those records/clinical summary yourself, at no cost, by logging in to Patient Fusion as described above.

I cannot know when I will be back in Maine to be able to access your physical records, so please make sure your access to Patient Fusion is working before July 31, 2015.

For Supplements:

I will be having a sale on what I have left in the office from now until July 27, 2015, so if you would like to see what we have, give me a call or make a "Refill or Pickup" appointment to come in and browse.

You will be able to continue ordering basic, high-quality supplements through my new website via HealthWave, but we will no longer have a doctor-patient relationship, so I will no longer be able to send specific recommendations or prescriptions for prescription-quality items like UNDA remedies, DHEA, etc. I may need to contact you through HealthWave if we need to adjust anything on that end.

Also, please note, that many things, including certain fish oils and probiotics, are not meant to be taken long-term or without doctor supervision, so if you are still taking something (such as Super EFA fish oil), or are wondering if you should be getting refills, or would like to review your long-term supplement plan, please make an appointment for "Supplement Plan"** right away as they will fill up fast. We can do this appointment in the office or over the phone (you call the office at your scheduled time). This will be a short, 15 minute visit, will cost $65 and will require a credit card to schedule to avoid no-shows. I will expand my hours to accommodate everyone, should the normal business hours get overwhelmed. 

**Please note, that this is a plan to review any issues and conditions that we have already discussed and is not meant for new ailments or symptoms. You can make a regular appointment to address any new issues and develop a long-term plan as we are continuing to see existing patients through July 27, 2015.

For Communication After July 31, 2015

As I will no longer be checking medical records, the best way to contact me is through my personal email address at kristenmcelveennd at icloud dot com (I have spelled this out to avoid SPAM and robots). Please know that this is not a secure email address and is not HIPAA compliant. Please also remember, I will no longer be able to give you specific medical advice, but I can reset your access to Patient Fusion and answer general questions about referrals. 

If you would like to stay in touch, please follow me at my new website and social media at Whole Health Starts Today where I will continue to discuss general health and wellness and will be offering classes, blogs and much more in the months to come. 


Again, it has been an honor working with you all. I wish you the very best in health and happiness,

~Dr. K


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Bare Medicine is located in the Village Green Shopping Center in the heart of Springvale, just between Rite Aid and the BMV. Our address is: 

460 Main St, Suite 2

Springvale, ME 04083

You may schedule an appointment at your convenience, day or night, with our online scheduling software via the Schedule Now buttons found on the right side of this website or call our office at 207-490-2373.



By appointment only:

 10am-6pm on Mondays and Thursdays 

Walk-ins are rarely available so please call or schedule an appointment online.

We are not accepting NEW PATIENTS unless it is for a one-time appointment (such as a second opinion) - must call for appointment approval: 207-490-2373



Please note that if you fail to show for your appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged a late cancellation fee equal to or less than your scheduled appointment fee. This does not apply in cases of severe weather or personal emergencies. If this fee has been charged an a personal emergency has taken place, your account will be credited the amount charged for use at your next appointment.



"An amazing practiciner with common sense, gentleness and a wonderful way of explaining the treatment plan. I would recommend Dr. McElveen and encourage others to seek naturalpathic medicine..."
"She is superb. She has helped me resolve some very long standing health issues and I would recommend her highly to anyone wanting to return to health naturally."
"Positive and helpful experience."
"Dr. McElveen is an incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate physician. She sets excellence in patient care!"