In addition to her private practice, Dr. McElveen also works as a consultant to other healthcare professionals in various ways. These services include: 

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) training and set-up with Practice Fusion
  • Epocrates training (online resource/app for diagnostics, drug information/interactions and CME)
  • Health Wave Dispensary training and education
  • General website design consulting and training
  • General practice management consulting


If you are a healthcare provider and you are interested in any of the services mentioned above, or have another related inquiry, please connect with Dr. McElveen at her new website, Whole Health Starts Today, and sign up for her newsletter to receive business and marketing tips specifically for health partitioners. 


 Tips on Creating a Successful Naturopathic Practice by Dr. McElveen

Tips on Creating a Successful Naturopathic Practice by Dr. McElveen

Check out Dr. McElveen's guide on what she has found helpful in creating a successful practice.

Have you ever noticed how so many of the marketing and practice management books and seminars are led by people who haven't actually started or owned a practice?

Dr. McElveen has noticed this for years and since she often consults for new and practicing NDs AND she owned a successful naturopathic practice, she thought, "why don't I write it!?"

So she did. 

Check out the press release here