Bare medicine is no longer open for business


Fees are determined by the extent of the visit and modalities used during that visit. Below is a general pricing list of what to expect during a typical visit (these prices do not reflect additional time, modalities or supplements/medications and are estimates of visit fees only):

New Patient Visit (10-90 min)   $130 - $340 (NOT currently available)

Return Patient Visit (5-60 min)   $65 - $200

Laser Therapy   $50 per 15 min session (initial evaluation is required)

Full Physical Exam  $80 - $230 depending on age/extent of exam

B Vitamin Injections  $30 each or $130 for a series of 5 (initial evaluation required)

Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS)  $50 per 15 min session (initial evaluation is required)

Supplement Plan to go over long-term supplement plan $65 for 15 min (can be done via phone)

Saturday visits, or other visits outside regular business hours will be charged an additional fee of $110.

Due to the nature of services and items sold at Bare Medicine, all sales of both products and services are final.  


If you are a US Veteran or active US military, you will receive a 20% discount on all visit fees with ID or proof of service (this discount is not valid if you are a dependent of a US Veteran or active military member) 




Bare Medicine does not currently bill insurance carriers, but gives a superbill to all patients at the time of service. This superbill contains all of the necessary coding required for patients to submit individually to their insurance carrier if naturopathic services are covered by their individual plan. We are a self-pay practice, meaning all patients pay at the time of service with check, cash or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover). Health savings accounts (HSAs) are also accepted in the form of check or Visa/Mastercard. 

Note: As part of the non-discrimination clause currently stated in the Affordable Care Act, naturopathic services should be covered by all insurance plans except for Medicaid/Medicare effective January 1, 2014. Please call your insurance company to assess the current status of naturopathic coverage. All private Maine insurance companies were just warned by the federal department of Health and Human Services in May 2015 that they are required by law to follow the Affordable Care Act and cover any codes ordered by an ND that they would normally cover if a MD/DO ordered them.