Urgent Note About the Safety of Your Supplements!

URGENT NOTICE and PLEASE SHARE: A patient of mine called me this morning after having to call 911 and go to the ER for ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK after taking her supplements prescribed by me. She had purchased her refills through a store on Amazon at a cheaper price and only noticed after the fact that they were a different color than the ones she got from me. Not only that, but in another bottle she got from the same store of a different product, the capsules were all melted together.

I try to warn all of my patients, that you may find cheaper prices elsewhere, but you do not know how those products are being stored or handled. These brands are very high quality professional-only brands not found over the counter and should not be sold anywhere where a doctor is not on staff. If you have found them elsewhere, they may be cheaper, but they may also be damaged, or not even the correct product as there are many scams out there! Please be careful and get your supplements from a trusted source!

Know Your Supplement Sources!