Upcoming Pricing Changes for 2014

Dr. McElveen has avoided raising her prices for over 4 years, but sadly, must do so, effective January 1st, 2014, in order to keep up with the rise in costs. Hopefully this will be offset by the inclusion of NDs for private health insurance coverage so all privately insured patients will get reimbursed - though we are still uncertain if this will apply to Medicare/Medicaid.  

New Price Structure (dependent on complexity of the visit) 

New Patient Appt   $130 - $340  (formerly $90 - $300)

Return Patient Appt  $65 - $200  (formerly $45 - $180)

Annual Gyn Exam  $150  (formerly $120)

Physicals (depending on age and complexity)  $80 - $230  (formerly $60 - $210)

Vitamin B injections were recently increased due to cost and will stay the same at $30 each, or 5 for $130.  

Nutriceuticals, medications and supplements will continue to be sold at MSRP (10% discount if you order them yourself through Healthwave from our Store page)


We will also begin charging for prolonged appointment time in order to chart appropriately according to insurance standards with the new insurance coverage. Dr. McElveen has rarely charged for patients exceeding their allotted times, especially for the First and Last Program, which are only 30 min visits, but usually end up 1 hr. So be sure to bring in a list of questions so we can address everything in the allotted time, and prioritize or request a longer appointment time as necessary. The default appointment times for new patients are 1.5 hours and the default for return visits are 30 min. If you expect more time, please make a note when you schedule online or by phone. This is becoming more important now that Dr. McElveen's general schedule is full and typically booked up to 2 weeks ahead. Dr. McElveen knows your time is valuable and takes pride in regularly staying on time for patient visits.