Dr. McElveen Now Certified in Bioresonance Analysis of Health!

I am so pleased and honored to officially announce, that after months of training and a rigorous hands-on seminar recently in New York, that I am now certified in Bioresonance Analysis of Health (B.A.H.)! 


What is B.A.H., you ask?

B.A.H. is a method of testing, based on quantum physics, where I can evaluate physical, biochemical, emotional and spiritual imbalances and figure out the personalized treatment options specific for each patient without having to try various treatment protocols to see which ones work and which ones don't. This can be used for allopathic treatments as well as naturopathic and energetic treatments. This is not an FDA-approved test and is not covered by insurance. What it is, is a new paradigm in patient-centered care. 


This is done in my office, only by me, no need to send off samples and wait for results. No more trying to prioritize which labs or treatments may be useful and may not. This method will confirm or deny the need for further testing and help to prioritize treatment goals. 

What initially drew me towards B.A.H. was the frustration suffered by my Lyme and tick-borne illness patients. The time (and money) that it takes to figure out which treatment works best for them was often more than they could afford, not to mention the setbacks we would go through when a treatment would stop being effective.

Dr. Szulc, who has been the pioneer behind B.A.H. and who is my teacher, has over 100 successful Lyme cases under his belt using B.A.H. to help customize treatment specifically to each patient. I could not ignore this success and would love to be able to give my Lyme and tick-borne illness patients the same relief.

With B.A.H., my hope is that we will be able to figure out the most effective treatment for each patient suffering from chronic illness, no matter the diagnosis (or if there even is one), sooner rather than later and be able to know right away if my patients need specialty care outside of my office, such as IV therapy, surgery and more.

Do I Need a Special Appointment?

Not at all. Right now, as I transition this new method into my everyday practice, I am incorporating it into my regular visits for those who are interested.

There is no need to schedule a separate visit.

Because I have to evaluate the blood drop within 24 hours of taking the sample, there may be times when I cannot take your sample at the time of our visit and I may ask you to come in on a different day.

One thing that I find helpful in this transition is to test your blood BEFORE we have your actual visit. So, you will notice in Schedulicity, you may now schedule a "B.A.H. Finger Stick" before your actual appointment (cannot be the same day of your appointment as it takes me up to an hour to evaluate your blood). This is a simple finger stick for one drop of blood to be used on a slide - no worrisome blood draws necessary.

I appreciate your patience during this transition as I figure out the best way to make this more effective for your care. The instrument I use is very sensitive, so this method takes practice. The more I practice, the better I get at it, so the more the merrier! 

As always, I continue to look for ways to incorporate the very best in medicine for my patients. I truly believe bioresonance is the future of medicine and many biological and functional medicine doctors agree!

What is the cost?

There is no additional testing fee for this method at this time. As I incorporate it into my practice, I am currently only charging $15 for the finger stick to cover the cost of materials used in the testing process. This fee is not coded and therefore is not reimbursable for insurance or HSAs. Once I see how much time it takes for me to incorporate it into my practice and figure out the best way to use it in various treatment protocols, I will then be able to assess the best way to incorporate it into my fee schedule.

Right now, it can take me up to an hour to evaluate a single blood drop. The more I practice, the faster I will get at it, which is why it will take some time to figure out how to charge for it.

So for now, it is a gift to you and to me, as it is helping me gain experience and therefore become an expert in this energetic testing method.

Schedule your next appointment now and see what B.A.H. can do for you!