A Bit of a Personal Post...

I've been fighting turning into a Lyme-specialized practice for a long time. But after 4 years, I've accepted that this is my calling. Those of you who have experienced tick-borne illness through a loved one or personally, you can understand my frustrations. It's hard. It's frustrating. It causes tantrums. You get called a quack and are constantly told what you're experiencing or treating doesn't exist. You feel alone. 

But then I thought…hey, I'm an ND - I deal with this frustration and name calling on a weekly basis! I just need to pull my big girl pants up and keep on keeping on. The fact is, my patients are getting better. They come to me and finally feel heard. And I want to provide a place for those struggling with tick-borne illness where they can feel validated AND get better. 

So, I've decided that my goal is to expand my practice to a fully integrative clinic for tick-borne illness. A place where you can get full naturopathic and allopathic care, constitutional hydrotherapy, sauna therapy, IV therapy and more. I have no idea where to start, or who to talk to, but putting it out to the universe is the first step, right?