New Affiliate - Metabolic Aftershock!

Metabolic Aftershock is my new favorite exercise program and yes, I do it myself and am currently on my second round as I took a little hiatus over the holidays. 

Patients of mine know that I love rest-based medicine because you actually burn fat WHILE you rest which is great for people with hormonal imbalance or stubborn belly fat.

You heard that right - your BURN FAT for 48 hours AFTER the workout!

It's also super easy to adjust based on your fitness level - of course, always check with your doc before incorporating any new exercise programs (for example, this is NOT for someone with Lyme disease as is it too strenuous)! 

How can you say no to only 15 minutes, three times per WEEK??? You can't.

So stop wasting your time on the treadmill or elliptical machine and make your exercise more efficient and effective. 

And stay tuned for updates on my personal journey with Metabolic Aftershock by being sure to follow my blog!

Check out Metabolic Aftershock here**

**This is an affiliate link, which means I do earn a small commission from each referral at no cost to you. As you know, I choose my affiliates very carefully and always try them out myself first before I recommend them. The money earned through this and the few other affiliates on this site helps to keep this site available and updated with the latest health information. I bought this program as a customer and did not receive any free products in exchange for positive reviews or marketing. I chose to become an affiliate because I believe in this product and because I've recommended Dr. Teta's exercise programs for years to my patients, family and friends. In addition to being a naturopathic physician, Dr. Teta is also an expert in fitness and hormonal weight loss.